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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 29, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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out or retweet george zimmerman's address in florida. my question is this. what if spike lee had been successful? what if he tweeted out the accurate address? what was he hoping to accomplish there. >> no answer for that this morning. we'll leave it at that. we'll take a turn to "cnn newsroom" with carol costello that begins right now. see you on "starting point" tomorrow morning. good morning, carol. >> good morning, soledad. good morning to all of you. stories we're watching right now in the "newsroom." a pilot's fit on a jetblue flight. passengers tackled him first. you know that. now the feds have charged him criminally. what you just heard is only part of the story. you should hear what the pilot did before the passengers took him down. does the bald guy in the red jacket look like he's been
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beaten and bloody? this is tape taken of george zimmerman the night he shot and killed trayvon martin when he claimed the teenager bashed his head and broke his nose and made him fear for his life. >> trayvon martin said something to the effect of you're going to die now or you're going to die tonight. >> but martin's father says this tape is the icing on the cake. it's like a horror movie with fire as the beast. [ bleep ]. >> there it is. right here. >> my gosh. >> it's okay. >> this is a real horror story. a family barely escapes a fast moving wildfire. one of the kids catching the drama on video. who wants to be a megamillionaire? jackpot has gone into orbit. some players making plans for the $500 million fortune. >> i want to be a millionaire.
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>> early retirement. >> i'll be partying like a rock star. >> just one problem. the odds are 176 million to 1. we begin this morning with new details and new developments in the shooting of trayvon martin. we know the public outrage has driven the shooter into hiding. today we have new survileiaeill video of handcuffed george zimmerman. no blood is visible. it's worth noting the police officers are not wearing gloves as they typically do when exposed to blood. in this image you see we froze it there for you, zimmerman is led into a room for questioning. you can see his face a bit more clearly again no clear signs of cuts or injury. and today that's raising new questions about zimmerman's story that the teenager viciously beat him and he fired his gun only to save his own life. martin savidge is in sanford, florida. martin, we hearing from
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zimmerman's father for the first time he's speaking out. what did he say? >> reporter: good morning, carol. lots to talk about here. robert zimmerman, father of george zimmerman, spoke out for the first time on camera. he did a couple op-ed pages for newspapers. this time he sat down for an interview. what's interesting is that even though it's in front of a camera, you don't see him because he is very afraid for the safety of himself and for family members. he talks about what george has told him happened that night and he picks it up with the beating. we've already had the punch that apparently, allegedly has knocked george zimmerman to the ground. this is what happened next according to dad. >> after nearly a minute of being beaten, george was trying to get his head off the concrete trying to move with trayvon on him into the grass. and in doing so, his firearm was
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shown. trayvon martin said something to the effect of you're going to die now or you're going to die tonight, something to that effect. he continued to beat george and at some point george pulled his pistol and did what he did. >> also, martin, we understand george zimmerman's father is very frustrated with all of the public hate. >> reporter: he is. robert was not there he's recounting what george has told him, yes. he's been shocked by the amount of hatred that's been poured on his son, poured against them in general. listen. >> i never foresaw so much hate coming from the president, congressional black caucus,
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naacp. every organization imaginable is trying to get notoriety or profit from this in some way. there is so much hate. i have never been involved in hate and george hasn't and it's really unbelievable. >> reporter: just getting back to that description that the father, robert, had of george in that moment of firing. he talks about how george made that conscious decision. there was some story lines here where thought maybe there was a struggle for the gun and the gun had gone off. this does not appear to be the case according to dad. he says quite clearly george zimmerman pulled out the gun and fired and said he had to to save his own life. >> martin savidge reporting live for us from sanford, florida, this morning. if george zimmerman is charged in this shooting, his defense could revolve around that controversial florida law called stand your ground. that law gives the person the right to use deadly force if their life is threatened. florida's republican governor is
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brushing off calls to immediately review that law saying he must wait for the trayvon martin case to play out so it wouldn't be unduly influenced. one says that delay could cost more lives. >> if you wait a year, how many other homeowners association guards will ride around thinking, okay, this is a good thing. i can carry a gun. i can patrol my streets. how many people in the streets a of florida will think we have this great stand your ground law. i can pick a fight at the miami dolphin game and if someone approaches me, i can shoot them. until we let them know the perimeters of the society, there's more to come. >> smith says he met with four different judges who have ruled on the stand your ground cases.
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he's now putting together his own task force and plans to issue a report and recommendations to the governor. the other big story we're following today, latest twist and turns in the case of a jetblue pilot who had a terrifying meltdown in mid flight. >> i'm so distraught! my god. we got israel. we got iraq. we got israel! we got iraq! >> today that pilot clayton osbon faces criminal charges and the sworn statements in the case reveal more about his bizarre behavior before the passengers subdued him. witnesses say the pilot was agitated and hyper saying wild and unsettling things like we need to take a leap of faith. we're not going to vegas. and guys, push it to pull throttle. osbon's crew members say he instructed air traffic controllers to be quiet and aggressively grabbed a flight attendant's hands and banged on the cockpit door hard enough that the first officer thought
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he was coming through the door. lizzie o'leary is our aviation and regulation correspondent in washington this morning. lizzie, this pilot has been charged criminally. we thought that he was having some sort of psychotic breakdown. is it surprising that he's now charged with criminal -- he's now charged federally with criminal charges. >> this is a federal charge interfering with a flight crew. he's still being held and is being medically evaluated in a hospital facility. the fbi is investigating this as are local law enforcement officials. it's unclear as this goes forward whether these charges will essentially stick. they would have to take it to a grand jury. if that moves on there would be an indictment. that's still a bit up in the air. as you said, a lot of things coming out in these sworn affidavits, these details are certainly chilling and they provide a much clearer glimpse into what was happening on that plane and they provide a clear glimpse at the first officer recognized there was something
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very much out of the ordinary going on and did his best to get this captain out of the cockpit and have an off-duty can't income i captain come in and sit with him. >> is this likely to affect future screening policies for pilots? >> first off, pilots are one of the most watched occupations in the country. they do get a lot of people having eyes on them. but according to the faa, here's what the law says. pilots, commercial airline pilots get once a year medical evaluation by an faa certified doctor. not a psychologist or psychiatrist. they don't have a separate psychological evaluation. twice a year if you are over 40 as osbon was but the general practitioner is supposed to ask mental health questions. there are some questions about how open pilots are in discussing psychological problems because of stigma associated with it. >> lizzie o'leary live in washington for us this morning. another security scare.
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this time at the philadelphia airport. it happened this morning. police say a man has been detained after authorities discovered an unknown homemade device with him at a security checkpoint. terminal shut down for 30 minutes and man was taken in for questioning. the federal law enforcement source says at this point there's no indication of terrorism. a family escapes a deadly wildfire near denver and it's all caught on tape. take a look. >> it's down there. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> whoa! >> there it is. right here. right here. >> my gosh. >> it's okay. we're out. we're out. >> a desperate couple and their terrified children trying to beat the fast moving flames. firefighters hoping to make more progress today against the fire which has now burned more than 4,000 acres outside of denver. right now that fire is about 15%
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contained. also this morning, we're following troubling new reports in the wake of last year's death of a student at florida a&m university. investigators believe robert champion was beaten to death in a hazing related ritual. that case is in the hands of prosecutors. this morning tallahassee police have new reports of hazing to investigate and these incidents allegedly involve faculty members and once again the marching band. cnn's george howell is in miami. tell us about this new case. >> reporter: carol, keep in mind no one was charge d in this cas and no one was arrested because no one from what we read in this police report wanted to press charges. it happened two years ago and statute of limitation ran out. this is a case that the police department investigated. this alleged case of hazing took place at a professor's home who is a band saxophone director and
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also assistant professor anthony simons was also allegedly present during this hazing ritual. apparently 14 students were hazed. were paddled and beaten with objects in this case. again, no one wanted to press charges from what we read and dr. white reported this to famu police last year but this was supposed to be transferred over to tallahassee police. from what we learned, that did not happen. it's been a long time since this alleged incident happened. the statute of limitation ran out and no one charged in this case. >> robert champion is dead. if this incident is proved, how significant could it be to robert champion's case? >> reporter: it really doesn't affect that specific case but it does certainly go to talk about this culture of hazing that has gotten a lot of attention that a lot of people are talking about at this point. now you see all agencies there
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in tallahassee. you see from famu to the police departments making sure that they are very transparent in the way they handle these alleged cases of hazing, carol. >> george howell reporting live from miami. let's talk about something that could be really, really good. the megamillions jackpot standing at $500 million. if you are like people i know, you either stood in line or you got into that pool at work. either way, the hype has gone nationwide. listen to what these people say they would do if they win. >> we were in line from the desert. i'm going to take care of my family and friends. we're doing an animal sanctuary and taking care of soldiers. >> they would do all of that and more if they can of course get the winning numbers. the drawing is tomorrow night.
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a wall of flames closing in on a colorado family with only minutes to get out alive. the family recounts the terrifying experience. we'll have more on this story for you coming up. and later, could this woman be agusta national's first ever male member? she's chairman of ibm and center of buzz before next week's masters. spike lee re-tweets the address of george zimmerman. it was the wrong george zimmerman. we'll talk to the elderly couple and their son. the elderly couple had to leave their home because of this tweet. one of the best things about state farm is our accessibility.
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the trayvon martin case has created some strange subplots. one of them involves movie director spike lee. lee apologized to an elderly co couple from sanford, florida, for retreating their address thinking it was george zimmerman's address. lee later tweeted this. he said i deeply apologize to the mcclain family for re-tweeting their address. it was a mistake. please leave the mcclains in peace. the mcclain had to flee to a hotel to escape threats and the media. they join us live from orlando. their other son, chip, is also with us. he joins us live. welcome to all of you. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us, carol. >> thank you for being here. now that spike lee has apologized, is it enough for you, david? >> to some extent it is. we would like a little more
6:18 am
directly to us. we would like him to apologize directly to us. >> instead of some tweet that you had to find out about probably through your sons or the media, right? publicized your address for all to see. >> well, we didn't really even know it until a news camera came to the house and asked for george. my husband told them we don't know george. he doesn't live here. next day we got hate mail and then the next day the tv cameras that's when we found out. we had not known before and as soon as we found out, we knew we would be in jeopardy and we left our home. >> so, chip, your parents probably related this to you so
6:19 am
what went through your mind when they say, look, there are media showing up at our house and we're getting threats from people and what were your concerns about your parents? >> i was very worried about somebody taking justice into their hands and that's something this situation is volatile as it is and we hope that people can have peaceful minds take over on this. it's a shame that the social media doesn't have the same restrictions for verifying sources that you do in print and broadcast media because this thing happens like this. >> so when you went on -- >> ii assume you went online to check out tweets and facebook, what did you find when you went to their sites? >> there seems to be a lot of angry people on both sides of the street. those who were siding with spike lee and getting this information out. not realizing the ramifications it would have with people if it
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goes for the wrong person. we wouldn't want this on anybody where people were hounding them at their homes. that's what i first saw. and then there was a lot of people after it came out that spike lee did this. there were people slamming spike. i think this again one of those situations where people didn't pay attention and check their sources and it creates a lot of problems. >> david, how long were you away from your home? >> we left tuesday. >> have you been back? >> just during the day to get clothes and things like that. not for very long at a time. like five minutes. >> so when do you guys and maybe elaine you could answer this. when do you expect to go back? >> i really don't know. we definitely have been keeping it in prayer because nobody wants to be forced out of their home. it's almost like we're the
6:21 am
fugitive in this situation when we haven't done anything. i don't know when we can go back. maybe by this weekend. i don't know. >> and, david, are you seeking any sort of legal action against spike lee? >> we have an attorney who is just kind of guiding us through this. we don't have any plans of pursuing any financial gain out of it. we just want to get everything calmed down and back to a rationale state. >> chip, i know you're worried like crazy about your parents. what outcome are you expecting in this incident? >> well, we're hoping that like david says that things start to calm down and the community of sanford can come together and work through this and that this tragedy is terrible that it happened to trayvon martin and his family and i can't imagine what they're going through. but we really want to try to get
6:22 am
some healing for the city of sanford. i lived there. my mother lived there for a long time. it's really a great place. and unfortunate things happen and i think that it's gone and created a great big media frenzy. >> david, elaine and chip, thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you, carol. >> we have reached out to spike lee for a comment. we're hoping to hear from him soon. more on the subject of unwanted publicity. you heard this trite phrase before. there's no such thing as bad publicity except there is. skittles and arizona iced tea are grappling with calls to get involved in the trayvon martin case. martin was carrying skittles and iced tea the night he died. some accuse the candymaker of profiting from the martin tragedy. this tweet says skittles and
6:23 am
arizonaiz arizona iced tea should pay the family. skittles said we feel it inappropriate to get involved or comment further as we would never wish for our actions to be perceived as an attempt of commercial gain following this tragedy. some advertising analysts say wrong move. skittles needs to be more involved. it is any way and needs to step up. w we wonder what you thought about that. should skittles and arizona iced tea get more involved in the tragedy? should she embrace it? go to my facebook page. i'll read some of your responses later on this hour. north korea is trying to create the best image for its new leader but capitalize off the resemblance between kim jung
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visit today. it's been a few months since the death of north korea's leader kim jong il. that's a look at kim jong-un on the right and his grandfather on the left. see the resemblance? let's head live to london. why is this important? >> reporter: kim jong-un doesn't have a lot of experience so this transition has been happening for the past two or three years. for example before kim jong il, his dad died and he was being
6:27 am
given more post and responsibility and he was given a higher rank. he was being trained out to manage the country. they were trying to portray him as someone who is a lot more experienced than he actually is. and the fact that they are really playing up the image and his resemblance to his grandfather is of significance here. he wears the same kind of suits. he has this black wind swept hair. they do look pretty alike. what the hierarchy in north korea is doing is they are trying to evoke the memory of someone that was really revered in north korea, which is kim jong-un's grandfather who founded the place. >> so sort of like a reincarnati reincarnation? >> in a way. they are controlling it trying to show he may be young and may not have as much experience but remember the man who made north korea great. he created the place and this man that not only looks like him
6:28 am
but is just as tough and by the way, the satellite that north korea is supposed to fire up, which the u.s. believes is going to be disguised as a long range missile is on the 100th anniversary of the birthday of his grandfather. a signed picasso signed at a thrift store? i'll tell you who the lucky man is when we go cross-country.
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the case of trayvon martin is muddier than ever or is it? we have place tape of george zimmerman on the night of the shooting. >> this video is icing on the cake. this is not the first part of evidence they have had. they have had the 911 tapes and
6:32 am
witnesses. this is in addition to what the sanford police department already has. this video is clear evidence that there is some problem with this case and that he needs to be arrested. >> zimmerman's father insists his son was injured when trayvon martin attacked george zimmerman. we have a national debate on race. let's talk about that more with cnn contributors will cain and roland martin. is this video the smoking gun? >> it continues to look bad for george zimmerman. that's the point here. much of what we see looks bad for george zimmerman's case but it doesn't answer all of our questions. there's still this mystery window of a one-minute period where we wonder what happened and this contributes to those questions. we need to ask when was the video taken, how long after the incident? it doesn't look good for zimmerman but i think it just contributes to we need to continue to seek the facts here. what is the next element in the story because every single little fact changes it.
6:33 am
>> and roland, you hear increasing calls though for george zimmerman to be placed under arrest as in right now. >> when i was down in florida moderating the community forum talking with former prosecutors as well as defense attorneys, we went over the statute and talked that the police can still arrest him right now based upon probable cause. i do not believe the special prosecutor will actually do that. they'll wait for the grand jury to be impanelled and present the evidence and for an indictment to be handed down and then the arrest will be made. the martin family is calling for that. had he been arrested, we really wouldn't even be at this particular point here. that was the driving issue early on that he simply wasn't even arrested. for people out there who say that it's wrong for the outrage and wrong for the protest, understand we would not see any of this information right now if it wasn't for people speaking up
6:34 am
and 2 million people signing a petition. that's what's driving them to really do a more thorough investigation. >> can i respond to that since i'm one of the people that say we should temper our outrage? can i respond to that? >> sure. >> i would say this. the point isn't for us to have the information. it doesn't matter whether you and i or people on tv or people watching tv have this information. the question is whether it was investigated. i don't know. roland says outrage served a purpose of pushing the investigation forward. was the investigation done? was it a cold case? was it stalled or over? i don't know that's the case. the point of outrage is to give it to you and me. >> we have an answer there. that is the d.a. chose not to file any charges against him. and this case was dormant in terms of the family was not getting any answers from the police or the prosecutors for two weeks and around march 9th and 10th and 11th when folks
6:35 am
like me began to say what's going on? tremaine lee of black was writing about it and folks on social media said what's going on here? family was screaming for help. i'm saying that the reason the investigation is moving forward is because of these protests and because of the coverage and outrage and that's why they have stepped up. >> okay. let's talk about the stand your ground law. the florida governor said he would put together this task force because the stand your ground law might play a part in this case and maybe we need to review the law. turns out that the task force isn't going to be put together until the trayvon martin case is done. so that could be a year from now. democrats in the state of florida are angry over that saying we have to review this law right now. why isn't task force being put together right now? the governor says we can't put the task force together right now because it would interfere with the trayvon martin case. any thoughts?
6:36 am
>> you know, no. honestly i don't have a lot of thoughts. i think we have an incident that occurred when this law was in place. should the law be reviewed? absolutely. will it change what happened that night and how we processed what happened on that night? that's kind of after the fact, isn't it? no doubt that stand your ground law should be reviewed. >> roland? >> florida governor scott should be ashamed of himself. you do not have to wait for a task force to begin to examine this law after this case has been adjudicated. you don't. the state representative in florida made it clear he'll introduce a bill to repeal the entire law. the original sponsor of this bill has said there needs to be modifications. i will say to the florida legislature, you do not need to wait for the governor to act. you can act without him appointing a task force. that's ridiculous. lawmakers, you passed it. you deal with it. don't wait for a task force to look at it a year from now.
6:37 am
>> will cain, roland martin, thank you so much for a fascinating discussion. appreciate it. lindsay lohan. we got to talk about her. she's due in court this morning. it could be good news for the actress really. her probation could finally end. more in showbiz headlines coming your way next. highway maintenance is underfunded, costing drivers $67 billion a year, and countless tires. which drivers never actually check because they're busy, checking email. this is why we engineered a car that makes 2,000 decisions every second. the new audi a6 is here. the road is now an intelligent place. ♪ [ coughing continues ] [ gasping ] [ elevator bell dings, coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] washington can't ignore the facts.
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more air pollution means more childhood asthma attacks. [ coughing continues ] log on to and tell washington: don't weaken clean air protections.
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♪ >> i love that. today we are remembering bl bluegrass banjo player earl scruggs. he's best known for making modern country music what it is today. sounds nice. let's go over to "showbiz tonight" host a.j. hammer. such great music. what would the music world be
6:41 am
like without him? >> it does feel good. music in general would certainly sound different. earl scruggs truly changed the way performers played the banjo. there's an article that compares his influence on the instrument to jimi hendrix on the guitar. i saw one comment this morning saying scruggs was to the banjo was babe ruth was to baseball. i think that pretty clearly spells it out. if you're a fan of country music, you need to know that scruggs and his partner are credited with shaping the sound of 20th century music. despite his influence, he only had one number one hit and we all know it. the theme to "beverly hillbillies." he was a member of country music hall of fame in 1985. the word legend certainly applies to this man. >> fast moving fingers. unfortunately we have to talk about lindsay lohan now. tell it to me quick.
6:42 am
>> well, it's actually good news for lindsay lohan. this could actually be it, carol, after almost five years of probation, lindsay should be off the hook. all indications are the judge will end formal probation at a court hearing that will happen later today. this all stems from a may 2007 dui arrest. she would have finished her probation two years ago but four probation violations kept her under court supervision this whole time. lindsay is 25. she spent 250 days in rehab. 35 days in home confinement. 67 days on community service. 19 days in court. made six trips to jail. and that's pretty much the tally. she will, however, remain on informal probation for two more years for misdemeanor shoplifting conviction. you remember that necklace incident. now i'm going to put away the "showbiz tonight" list. >> i thought it burst into
6:43 am
flames after that. >> it did and my head exploded along with it. it's good news for lindsay. everyone all along has been pulling for her. we hope with this behind her she can truly move on with her life and career. >> i hope so. a.j. hammer, thank you. ready for more laughs from will ferrell? he made a big announcement about a sequel to "anchorman." a terrifying close call outside of denver. >> it's down there. >> a family has only 15 minutes to escape wildfires ripping through their neighborhood. their harrowing escape next. trouble with a car insurance claim. [ dennis ] switch to allstate. their claim service is so good, now it's guaranteed. [ foreman ] so i can trust 'em. unlike randy. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate.
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pandora rocks the big board.
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a colorado numbfamily is ha to be alive after narrowly escaping a wildfire in colorado. his younger sisters are frantic about their mother in the car ahead of them. >> daddy! >> we're going to be fine. >> daddy, where's mom? what's she stopping for? >> it's down there. down there.
6:47 am
[ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> whoa. >> there it is. right here. right here. >> my gosh. >> it's okay. we're out. we're out. >> the family was on early start today. the mother explained why she put on the brakes during the escape. >> it was all happening very fast. i had to put on the brake to figure out i could get my hand to the lights and turn those on and i was considering that we might not make it through and maybe we needed to turn around like my husband said and my dad and my brother are both firefighters and i know that one of the dangers is if the road becomes blocked with trees that are down and i was concerned we would just get trapped inside. >> they got out. rob marciano is here. i don't think people realize how fast fire can move. >> in that case it can move 40, 50, 60 miles an hour and in some cases like we saw in san diego a couple years ago even faster than that.
6:48 am
they didn't have a lot of warning. even the folks that got reverse 911 calls really only had a few minutes to a couple of hours to get out. and in that area it's rugged. we make it sound like it's right next to denver. 25 miles from denver. you are right in the front range. it's pretty rugged terrain. there's only a couple roads in and out of there. i would imagine that only choice they had. >> were they doing the right thing? >> i don't know specifically what road they were on or which way they were going. obviously following their neighbor that was beelining out of there turned out to be the right way to go. there's a -- you never know if you turn around is there going to be a tree down? is the fire behind you now. look for daylight. it looks like nighttime. that was 5:00 in the afternoon. that's how dense that smoke was. it literally turned day into night and they are just following the brake lights out ahead of them. >> just insane. so do you know more about this and i know the fire would knock down trees but firefighters often do these controlled burns
6:49 am
after they set fire to a foliage in the forest. >> they'll do that for a couple reasons. they'll try to burn away invasive plants and stuff they don't want there. more importantly thin the forest so you don't get huge fires that blow up later in the year and that's what they were doing. they have protocols but as one firefighter put it earlier today, sometimes you can do everything perfectly and still things go wrong. that's what happened here. >> rob, thank you. checking stories cross-country now. northport, alabama, people may have been exposed to hepatitis a through an infected mcdonald's employee. the health department is encouraging anyone who went to the restaurant on march 15th and 16th to get treated by friday. mcdonald's had this to say in a statement about the incident. "our number one priority is always the health and safety of our customers and employees.
6:50 am
"a man's love for shopping pays off after he finds a piece of art signed by picasso. >> i was looking at it and noticed that it was a numbered addition. i didn't think it was really a a picasso. that's really unlikely i'm going to run into a signed picasso. >> but he did. it could be worth from $500 to $10,000. have you gotten your lotto ticket yet? people like the ones in idaho are. the hype of winning half a billion dollars has people even driving out of state to buy them. >> lottery tickets. i want to be a millionaire. >> it's enormous. it's mind boggling. i wouldn't want to win that much. i wouldn't know what to do with it. >> if i had $300 million, i
6:51 am
would be partying like a rock star. >> i would too. >> if he's lucky enough to have all the winning numbers, he can party like a rock star. the drawing is friday night. augusta national golf club has never had a female member, but now that may change. there's speculation that that woman could be a member very soon. we'll have that story next in sports. [ male announcer ] any technology not moving forward is moving backward. [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] introducing the lexus enform app suite -- available now on the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. see your lexus dealer.
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ere's a catch?no going back. there's no catch. nothing but savings. thank you very much. have a great day. you, too. you're sexy. [ laughs ] lin sanity may have died down, but the new york knicks are winning any way. the point guard is out with a sore knee.
6:54 am
a ma ri stod mieer has a more serious injury, but carmelo anthony was picking up the slack. he finished the game with 25 points. knicks run away with the game. they are 8-1 under mike woodson. yankees and braves. the ball hit deep to right field. jason hayward climbs the wall. he's hope iing to bounce back f a disappointing season at the plate. good for him. there's speculation that augusta national may have lifted its male-only member policy. they have traditionally given membership to the ceo of ibm, but a woman took that post. it shouldn't be a question at the masters tournament news conference. we'll be listening and keep you posted. coming up in the next hour
6:55 am
of cnn newsroom, new vud you of a handcuffed george zimmerman is a handcuffed george zimmerman is raising a lot of questions. -- captions by vitac --
6:56 am
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these days it seems animals can do almost anything including using electronic technology. jeanne moos looks at what happens when you pair an
6:58 am
elephant and a smart phone. >> reporter: imagine your caller i.d. showed peter the elephant calling from his smart phone. peter is the star of a viral ad for the samsung galaxy note. his favorites are the apps that make noise. >> it uses its trunk like we use our fingers. >> reporter: ed robinson works for an ad agency. look at him swipe. the ad was shot in thailand with an actress holding the phone and the trainer alongside. >> the elephant present ed it cn interact. >> reporter: they shot for three days as peter got more and more engaged, the ad agency was inspired by all the other web videos of animals using touch
6:59 am
screens. who wouldn't find a tongue-flickingtongue-flick ing liz saturday. dogs are scratching like mad. is this any way to treat an ipad? don't you sometimes feel like doing this to your device? during a morning talk show at radio station wmmr, bubba went nuts on one guy's iphone. who cares about the phone? bubba's big sin was disconnecting a live call with ryan seacrest. peter the elephant was a gentle giant. they had to modify a stylist so he could grib it. but at least all those creatures aren't dumb enough to do what we humans do.
7:00 am
texting while walking whether it be off this pier or into a shopping mall fountain. >> it's funny when it's not you. >> reporter: if you think technology is intimidating, look what it did to this chameleon. these devices sure can take a licking, but sometimes the owner isn't as smart as the smart phone. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. good morning to you. i'm carol cast tell low. new video of george zimmerman we're asking a former fbi agent if this video helps clear zimmerman or raises more doubts surrounding his story. things are getting back to normal at the philadelphia airport. earlier this morning, police detained a man after finding an unknown homee made device.
7:01 am
he was taken into custody. there is no indication of terrorism. we're learning more about the actions of a pilot before his rant on a jet blue flight. clayton osbon faces criminal charges and witnesses reveal some unique things he said and did before boarding that flight. a live report with details on aum of that straight ahead. plus record high profits for oil companies and near record high gas prices for drivers. president obama questions why the federal government is giving big oil big tax incentives. we're going to bring that to you live. we start with several key developments in the trayvon martin shooting case. we're taking a closer look at all of the angles. new details from trayvon's girlfriend who was on the phone
7:02 am
with him before he was killed. >> trayvon said he looked creepy. >> the shooter's father talks for the first time and said george zimmerman was acting in self-defense. >> he was knocked to the concrete. trayvon martin got on top of him and just started beating him. in the face and his nose, hitting his head on the concrete. >> but there's no visible evidence of that. george zimmerman arriving at the police department on that terrible night. the question now, what does it prove? or not? >> we want to explore that. tom fen tez is a former fbi agent and cnn contributor. is this video the smoking gun? >> no. one of the aspects of this investigation, i think, is every new piece of information that seems to come out each day, people try to grab it and say that proves the case one way or
7:03 am
the other for or against zimmerman. i think what has to happen is the investigators need to do their job and gather the facts. that includes a lot of other information. the video is another piece in the puzzle of the entire case. you need the time lines of the cell phone and the cell phone transmissions of trayvon to his girlfriend and any other by standers, witnesses, the conversations between zimmerman and the police. that all has to be put together in some kind of a meaningful timeline, as well as the federal investigation of trying to look all the whether zimmerman committed a hate crime or denied trayvon of his civil rights. that means trying to determine from his background. >> so clearly, it's not as simple as looking at this videotape, but you know what people are thinking.
7:04 am
a lot of people are thinking, you know, george zimmerman said that trayvon martin attacked him. trayvon martin attacked him. he beat his head into the concrete. he hit him in the nose and possibly broke his nose. when you look at this tape, it appears that there's no blood on him. you don't see any signs of injury. he doesn't appear that upset. people are going to come to conclusions in looking at this videotape whether we like it or not. >> that's right. they are. unfortunately here, that's what's driving this case is public opinion and the opinions generated by a new piece of information being leaked out every day. and i think in a case like this, it's possible his head was hit on the ground or he had a broken nose and maybe they wiped the blood off his chin before he got to the police station. i'm not saying that's what happened, but i'm saying that's possible.
7:05 am
did he require medical attention at the time or shortly after the time that he was in police custody being interviewed that night. >> you were an fbi investigator. you're looking at this video. does it tell you anything? something? >> well, obviously he's not disabled. he's not severely injured. so it does tell you that. thes a pelkt of a hate crime or even self-defense is really in the mind of the person that takes the action. that may never be proven one way or the other. why did he pull the trigger? that should raise other questions as far as lawmakers and policymakers. i was a police officer for six years before i joined the fbi and i worked private security details to make extra money. therefore, was carrying a gun fully authorized by the state of illinois. you go through thousands of hours of training in a police academy. hundreds of hours of training centered on shoot, don't shoot decision making. the emotions, how to keep
7:06 am
control of yourself. to stick somebody out there with zimmerman with none of that training and say he has a concealed firearm permit and can walk around carrying a gun but doesn't have the law enforcement training, that's what's dangerous in this case and other similar situations. many states do not allow community watch people like this or private security guards to be armed when they are working a detail like that. and also, you have a separate piece here where he calls the police and 9 police say do not follow him. and apparently, he does that any way. now you have -- and we're not going to have all of the answers ever. what's in trayvon martin's mind at the time? is he fairing for his life when this guy comes after him and he's not wearing a police uniform. he doesn't seem to have a position of authority like a uniformed police officer. so you have what's in the victim's mind, what's in the
7:07 am
shooter's mind, and the only way to get indications of that is to do backgrounds on both and find out over the past, had they had these tendencies whether it's violence or racial hatred. there's many aspect s s to this case. and as each piece of information gets put out to the public almost on a daily basis, that's not what investigators do in running an investigation. they have to get the facts. they have to be diligent. and from an investigative standpoint f you're in charge of this investigation, you want your people to not have a predetermined opinion because as they investigate, they will subconsciously be trying to prove themselves right instead of trying to gather the facts and hopefully the facts will be sufficient to determine what happened. but as i said, the facts may never be completely established to prove beyond a reasonable doubt what was in zimmerman's mind at the moment he pulled that trigger. or whether there was a violent altercation or he was acting in
7:08 am
self-defense having been pursued by zimmerman. >> tom, thanks so much for joining us this morning. now let's return to the father of the shooter, robert zimmerman is speaking out for the first time. he's sticking by his son's story. he said george was involved with a life or death battle. he believed his survival depend on it. >> did trayvon martin say anything to your son as this was going on? >> after nearly a minute of being beaten, george was triefing to get his head off the concrete, trying to move with trayvon on him, into the grass. in doing so, his firearm was shown. trayvon martin said something to
7:09 am
the effect of "you're going to die now or you're going to die tonight." something to that effect. he continued to beat george. and at some point, george pulled his pistol and did what he did. >> you're saying trayvon martin verbally threatened his life? >> yes. >> robert zimmerman concedes he was not on hand to witness that deadly confrontation. in the meantime, we're getting a different version of events from the girlfriend of trayvon martin. he says she was on the phone with the teenager when zimmerman first began following him moments before the shooting. she said martin didn't know why 9 stranger was shadowing him and he was afraid. >> he was walking fast.
7:10 am
he crazy. >> according to the 16-year-old girlfriend, she heard the teenager ask zimmerman, what are you stopping me for and zimmerman ask, what are you doing around here? she then heard the sounds of a scuffle and the phone went dead. the other big story we're following is the latest twists and turns in the case of the jetblue pilot who had the meltdown in mid-flight. today the pilot clayton osbon faces federal, criminal charges. the sworn statements in the case reveal more about his bizarre behavior before the passengers managed to subdue him. the pilot was agitated and hyper
7:11 am
and saying things like "we need to take a leap of faith", "we're nots going to vegas." crew members said he instructed air traffic controllers to be quiet. he banged on the cockpit door hard enough that the first officer thought he was coming through the door. liz si o'leery is in washington this morning. what happens to this pilot now? >> he's getting first off a full medical evaluation because as you can imagine, they are looking at this behavior. they are looking at the sworn statements here, both federal and local law enforcement, and trying to get a fuller picture of what happened and what kind of condition he was in. so we learned from federal officials he was being held at a hospital in texas. so a medical evaluation is the first thing. $250,000 fine.
7:12 am
it's unclear whether he would see that form of punishment, but the first thing is a medical evaluation before they move any further, carol. >> is this incident impacting at all future screening policies for pilots? >> that's one of the things we have asked the faa what they are doing to take a look at this. jetblue complies with faa man dates, which says every commercial pilot gets an evaluation once a year or twice a year depending on their age. they don't have a separate full psychiatric evaluation. they are evaluated generally by a gp. jetblue has a support program, but nothing beyond that. they comply with the faa mandate. a painful and extremely personal story recounted on the floor of the u.s. house of representatives. >> domestic violence has been a thread throughout my personal
7:13 am
life including being a child repeatedly sexually assaulted up and to and including being an adult who has been raped. >> congresswoman gwen morris shared that story. she'll join us live next. for, think again. and take aleve. it's the one doctors recommend most for arthritis pain. two pills can last all day. ♪ two pills can last all day. it looks like he wants some gas. how's it going, gentlemen? what's up, man? gas prices keep going up. crazy, man. but seeing how i saved hundreds on car insurance with progressive, this tank's on me. we getting a whole free tank of gas. the dude from the progressive commercial, man,
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and even your trade ticket. everything exactly the way you want it, all on one page. transform your investing with the all-new e-trade 360 investing dashboard. gas prices are at record levels for this time of year. the national average just below $4 a gallon. republicans and democrats are trying to tap into your anger. the president is going to talk about big oil tax breaks in just about 45 minutes. what will his message be? >> reporter: these are oil
7:16 am
companies that are getting subsidies, billions of dollars in tax breaks, but at the same time they are getting record profits. this is something that american taxpayers simply can't afford. the president will make the case that this money could be better used towards domestic manufacturing, towards green energy, such as electric cars, and wind energy as well. there is a lot of pushback on this. especially at a time when as you pointed out, gas prices are so high. many critics say this will do nothing to lower gas prices because oil companies will have to make these profits somehow. they will look for a newer way to make up that money. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell in excerpts of a speech for later today will take jabs at the president. under this president, gas prices have skyrocketed, and again,
7:17 am
this is the kind of thing that will do absolutely nothing to lower gas prices. he will point out in his remarks that "the message that democrats are sending this week is simple. get used to it." >> dan lothian reporting live from the white house this morning. thank you. we'll bring you live coverage of the president's remarks. he's expected to speak at 10:45 eastern time. we'll bring it to you live. you've heard this phrase before. there's no such thing as bad publicity, except there is. sk skittles and arizona ice tea are grappling with calls to get involved in the trayvon martin case. martin was carrying the candy and drink the night he died. at rallies across the country, supporters are carrying skittles and wearing skittles wrappers and selling skittles to raise money for the cause. some are a accusing the company of profiting. they it should be paying
7:18 am
martin's family. i know their sales have increased tremendously. that made skaittles skiddish. we feel it is inappropriate to get involved or comment further as we would never wish for actions to perceive as an commercial gain for this tragedy. but some advertising analysts are saying that's the wrong move. skittles needs to be more involved. they might as well speak up and have courage about it. we ask you to weigh in on this on my facebook page. boy did you respond. rob says this is the most ridiculous assertion i have heard yet. why should a commercial business get involved because a victim had their product on them? and should the gap be in any way responsible because of the clothing being worn during the course of an incident?
7:19 am
and this from brandon. the companies were dragged into the fray by a misfortunate event. i cannot ignore that their profits are increasing because of this case. and this one. it's safe to say profits should be given to a charity of sorts or even a special dedication wrapper for each item that allows them to choose. if you want to weigh in on this, i appreciate all comments. i absolutely read them because they are fascinating. coming up, our political buzz panel weighs in on house floor hoodies. could the founding fathers have seen something like this. ♪[music plays]
7:20 am
when you're responsible for this much of the team... you need a car you can count on. ♪[music plays]
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7:22 am
incredible pictures to show you. it illustrates how fast a wildfire can move. a family is escaping their home. the dad and kids are in the car behind the mom. they are racing to get away from the fire. listen. >> daddy! >> we're going to make it. we're going to be fine. >> where's mom? what's she stopping for? >> it's down there. >> whoa! there it is. right here. right here. >> oh my gosh! >> it's okay. we're out. we're out. we're out. >> this family explains why she
7:23 am
put on the brakes during this. >> it was all happening very fast. i had to put on the brake to figure out i could get my lands to the lights and turn those on. and i was also considering we might not make it through and maybe we needed to turn around. like my husband said. and my dad and my brother are both firefighters. i know one of the dangers if the road becomes blocked with trees that are down, i was concerned we would just get trapped inside. so the neighbor that passed us, we didn't know that neighbor knew the way out, but he was flying so we went for it. >> thank goodness for that neighbor. i don't think people realize how fast fire moves. >> that's probably the tenth time i have seen that video. i still get chills. >> it's like being in hell. >> how dark it was. we said this last hour. that fire happened in a matter of minutes.
7:24 am
this thing was moving. and that is daylight, my friends. that is how thick that smoke was. it turned day into night. they couldn't see ten feet in front of them. just following the headlights in front of them. mom stopped to reassess. the neighbors barrelled past her. she said they know where they are going. so i'm following them. that's how they got out of there. even watching without the sound. >> interestingly, forest officia officials, did a controlled burn and later apologized to the families trying to get out. explain kwha this is. >> in most cases, they are trying to clear some of the underbrush so all you're left is big timber. less susceptible to bigger fires. they did this to a thousand acres. they got most of it out last thursday or friday, but there were some hot spots. you asked me during the break how dry it's been. i think this is a map i have.
7:25 am
where you see yellow is dry. everywhere you see orange or red is really dry. some places in the front range haven't seen any snow through the entire month of march. it's right for a fire like this to start and the winds kicking along as well. now the fire right now i wouldn't say it's under control. they have 15% containment. it hasn't grown much. those tankers have been allowed to go to another fire in second degree south dakota. so that tells me that the fire at least right now is behaving okay. right now it's just man power trying to build the lines along the perimeter. so when the winds kick up on saturday, and they will on saturday, they have this fully contained. that's what they are working towards. >> thank you, rob. coming up, we're asking our political buzz panel about mitt romney.
7:26 am
if you want to connect with everyday americans, do you think maybe it would be a good idea for him to hold off on the car elevator until next year? the panel weighs in on that and more. that's coming your way next. [ clang ] the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. see your lexus dealer. there's no going back. the utterly shocking sensation of being on a business trip where everything goes right. backed up by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. feel the advantage. feel the hamptonality. ♪
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record high profits for oil companies. and near record high prices for drivers. president obama questions why the federal government is giving big oil tax incentives. he's going to talk about that in 15 minutes. when he begins speaking, we'll bring it to you live. we're learning more about the actions of a pilot before this rant on a jetblue flight. clayton osbon faces federal criminal charges and witnesses say he was acting agitated, hyper, and aggressive. who wants to be a mega millionaire? the jackpot has gone into orbit. some players already making plans for the $500 million
7:30 am
prize. >> i want to be a millionaire. >> i'll be partying like a rock star. >> so here's a question for you. did you join an office pool and are you sure employees will share that it jackpot if you guys win? we'll talk to a lawyer who explain how to make sure you're not cut out of your fair share. it's something you don't hear every day from a congresswoman on the floor of the u.s. house of representatives, but gwen moore decided she had to share a personal story of sexual assault and rape. >> it really brought up some terrible memories for me of having boys sit in a locker room and sort of bet that i, the egg head, couldn't be had. and then the appointed boy when he saw that i wasn't going to be so willing completed a date rape and took my underwear to display
7:31 am
to the rest of the boys. >> she shared her story to convince republicans to renew the violence against women's act, a bill that provides money for emergency shelters, counselling, and legal services for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking. congresswoman moore joins us now. welcome. your story touched so many people. why did you feel you had to share that story with your fellow lawmakers? >> let me tell you. i think, you know, i experienced this before the violence against women's act was enacted. and it was just one in a plethora, unfortunately, for me, of assault and violence against me, my family, my friends, everyone that i knew. because there was a time when there was not adequate law enforcement. there was not services.
7:32 am
there were not resources for women. i think my story, while it's sad, is not rare. and you know, you get on the floor of the house of representatives and everybody reads their talking points. and i think that they get too far away from the reality that something like this has been bipartisan in the past and it effect saves lives. >> how specifically would this bill, i mean if it was in place when you were experiencing this trouble, how would it have helped you? >> well one aspect of this is education. you know, this particular incident, i don't think that any of the boys thought they were doing anything wrong. i think they thought it was a right of passage. and i think ignorance has really perpetuated violence against women. violence against women is as american as apple pie. you know, that man that feels he
7:33 am
has a right to abuse his wife and to beat her, you know, ask the pastor where do i find that passage, wives obey your husbands in the bible. and we see a preponderance of teen violence right now. and i think education is extremely important. i think that my example was an extreme one, but i do think that many girls think it's perfectly okay to have boys slap them around a little bit or control them with their cell phones and go through their cell phones. and all of this is violence. >> well, some republicans object to this democratic version of the law because it includes lesbians, gays, and immigrants. why put that in the bill when you know democrats that republicans are going to object to it because these things are
7:34 am
inserted? >> well carol, these things have been put in because people have learned from practices that these things are necessary. it's not just hetero sexual women who find themselves victims of violence. immigrant women are very vulnerable because of their immigrant status. we do have new visas that could and should be used for that purpose. native women, there's an explosion of violence against women on native lands. and men, some of whom are not native men, have free reign on battery, beating, raping them because there's no law enforcement. the tribes are not able to enforce laws on their lands. and then we find that they are not prosecuted outside of those
7:35 am
lands. so it's just free violence against women on those lands. so best practices have shown that these things are necessary. the national association of district attorneys, the fraternal order of police, the national sheriffs associations, all of them have supported the violence against womens act. and like i said, the need to expand this legislation has come after a lot of research about what's needed to protect all women. >> congresswoman, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> and thank you. we're waiting to hear from the president. he's expected to talk about the oil industry and their tax breaks. he's going to talk in just about 10 minutes. more after the break to talk about the oil subsidies. we'll be back. p. you name it, we're here, anytime, anywhere, any way you want it. that's the way i need it. any way you want it. [ man ] all night?
7:36 am
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7:38 am
political buzz has a look at your best political topics of the day. playing with us today, political talk show host pete dominic. and political science professor jason johnson. he's holding down the middle. and on the right, cnn contributor will cain. welcome to all of you. first question. congresswoman gwen moore tells her rape story on the floor of the house. congressman bobby russ wears a hoodie on the floor. what would the founding fathers say? >> as much as i love the founding fathers, i'm not going to pretend they are a model of
7:39 am
civility. they accused each other of incests and trying to sell the crown to britain. so it's not like we have had big departure of the forum. make the points in the style you want. i don't see a big problem. >> jason? >> the first thing the founding fathers would have said is how did this woman and black guy get in here. the founding fathers were not particularly progressive on women's rights or african-americans since they weren't even citizens at the time. but the larmer issue is this. they envisioned a congress that expressed the will and concern of the people. that's what these congress people are doing. if it takes a hoodie, that makes sense op our founding fathers believes in an active congress. >> pete? >> the founding fathers didn't actually think black folks were whole people. right? three fifths. so i think they would have been -- i mean my best
7:40 am
impression, what is that woman? they would have been outraged. and listen. the idea that women are somehow inviting sexual assault or rape because they are wearing a short skirt or tight clothes or minorities are inviting to be killed because they are wearing a hoodie, we have to take a look at that. >> mitt romney gets endorsements from george h.w. bush. if rubio was on the romney train, will the rest of the tea party warm up to him? jason? >> look, i mean ronald reagan could appear in the sky like the lion king and it's not going to make the tea party like this guy. who mitt romney is has been crystallized in peoples' minds. they have problems with him. the tea party will eventually come together because they don't like barack obama, but no level of endorsements is going to make mitt romney popular. >> i'm going to stop pretending
7:41 am
the tea party is a thing or a voting bloc. they are extreme republicans. as far as the endorsements go, he's had two tea party endorsements, christine -- the witch lady. i can't remember her name. and by the way, george bush endorsed his own son. and barbara bush said this is the most ridiculous lineup of candidates i have seen in my life. and she saw grover cleveland run. >> will? >> mitt romney is starting to rack up some pretty impressive endorsements. senator mike lee, who has tea party credit. i think it's impressive the endorsements he's starting to rack up, but you ask yourself why? rubio, it's getting clear that mitt romney is going to be the nominee. for that same logic and rational, the tea party will
7:42 am
also fall behind mitt romney because he will be the nominee. >> mitt romney's sweet beach house. listen. >> this is exciting. the jackpot for the mega millions lotly rhode island has reached $500 million. or as mitt romney calls that, one more beach house. >> now romney is catching flak for putting in a car elevator. an elevator for his car. should he just take a vow of poverty until november? will? >> no. i can't wait until he puts a car elevator in the white house. i love this. you are rich. don't hide it. don't worry. it makes the simpletons upset, but show it off. that's who you are. >> jason? >> look, the problem is not being rich.
7:43 am
the problem is being the wrong kind of rich guy. he doesn't explain how he made his money. people like bill gates. but the way he made his money is not clear. there's no problem with the cars in the garage, but people don't understand th him. he has to clear that it up. >> pete? >> romney is having a tough time with his wealth because he doesn't have a personality to hide behind. will has called me a simpleton. i'm one of those people he's referring to. when people gave him grief for ordering mustard on his hamburger, that was a big deal. the guy has an elevator for his cars. i'm sure he can relate to the average american. >> all right. thanks for playing today. we appreciate it. >> you bet. president obama wants to end subsidies for oil companies. he will be talking about that in front of the white house in just a few minutes. before he begins his speech, we'll take a close look at the tax breaks when we come back. [ male announcer ] this is lois.
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7:47 am
forewarnforewar forewarned is forearmed. there's some things you should know first. shannon gnash is an attorney. we're really into this. so we have our whole show team, which consists of a lot of people. we have put money into the pot and trust our fellow employees, but sometimes money changes people. so what should we do to make sure that everyone is guaranteed a part of the prize if we should win? >> it's just so easy to make a contract. i don't mean a formal contract to go out and hire someone like me, but just a contract to show you had a meeting of the minds. you agreed to put your money in. here's a copy of the tickets. it could be e-mails between the two of us that we have talked about it and i have signed it. it's all just legitimate and we know what's going on before we win the money. >> we have notaries here. should we get it notarized. >> i don't think you have to go
7:48 am
quite that far, but something to show you had a written agreement amongst the pool. because what happens is that peoples' memories get hazy and i lent you $5. then all of a sudden, you win and everybody wants to be part of the pool and everyone is in court trying to prove it. >> this is a scenario that happened yesterday. one of our peeps said we're all donating $6 into the pot so we can have more lottery tickets. this person said i only have $2. i'll pay you the rest later. what if he never pays. does he deserve an equal share of the pot? >> there was a case of that. some of the coworkers had amnesia that said you were never going to give me the money so it's all my money. why not just put that down on something. i send you an e-mail or write down i owe you $4.
7:49 am
you say, yes, you do. it's that easy. >> this is my final scenario. what if someone says i don't have the money now but i want to be part of the group playing the lottery. i'll pay you tomorrow. but he never pays. but his name is down. >> you know what? i bet you he pays when you guys win. if this is just an oral conversation. by writing his name down, that tells me you thought he was part of the pot. it would be an interesting case because you at least wrote down his name saying he was part of the pool. just be clear about it. if the person owes the money, just tell them to pay the $2 or whatever. it's that simple. >> i know the whole team is listening to this. you all hear shannon. you were warned.
7:50 am
we're waiting to hear from the president who is going to be talking about oil industry tax breaks and how he wants to end some of them. he 140u8d begin talking about now. he's a little late. christine rollins will join us to break down just how big the tax breaks are for oil companies. [ coughing continues ] [ gasping ] [ elevator bell dings, coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] washington can't ignore the facts. more air pollution means more childhood asthma attacks. [ coughing continues ] log on to and tell washington: don't weaken clean air protections. monarch of marketing analysis. with the ability to improve roi through seo all by cob. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...
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in health news, new research says unroasted coffee beans may be the key to quick weight loss. the study found a small group of overweight people lost about 10% of their overall body weight after eating less than an ounce of ground green coffee beans every day for 22 weeks. participants of the study combined the coffee with a low fat diet and exercise. a substance found in unroasted coffee beans known as a color jenic acid may be behind the fat burn. president obama will be coming out in a few minutes to call for an end to oil industry
7:54 am
tax breaks while drivers are paying record gas prices for this time of year. oil companies are reaping the benefits. christine rollins is here. she's going to set up the president's speech nicely for us. tell us how big the breaks are for oil companies. >> they are big. a lot of companies are getting big tax breaks. gas prices are up a lot. above $3.90 a gallon right now. that's up 19% so far this year alone. so politically, he has a moment to press this issue. the fight over big oil taxes comes down to they get tax deductions for drilling and exploration. they get some breaks on the foreign taxes paid. they get standard manufacturing deductions among other things. this is why democrats like to say that big oil gets corporate welfare. but a spokesman says saying big oil gets corporate welfare is like saying that a homeowner in this country is getting welfare
7:55 am
for using the mortgage interest deduction. these are standard deductions you do to incentivize the drilling and exploration for something that's in america's best interest. how much do they profit? $132.9 billion in oil industry profits last year, which raises the question. why do you need tens of billions if you're making hand over fist? >> we are expecting to hear from the president any minute now. when he takes his place behind the podium, we'll bring it you you live. sometimes the door gets stuck... oh sure. ooh! [ man ] ...and then, i didn't. um... [ sighs ] [ man ] so, i got a car i can love a really, really long time. [ male announcer ] for the road ahead, the all-new subaru impreza. ♪
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what's in your wallet? can you play games on that? not on the runway. no. we are down to the final four in the ncaa tournament on saturday. kentucky takes on louisville in game 1 and kansas faces o'state in game 2. kentucky, the only top seed left in the tournament. wildcat fans will be satisfied with nothing but a title. here's carlos doaz. >> reporter: with seven national championships, the university of kentucky is one of the most -- >> all right.
7:59 am
we're going to jump out of this because the president has finally begun to speak about the oil company tax breaks. let's listen. >> it's a great day to enjoy the rose garden. today members of congress have a simple choice to make. they can stand with the big oil companies, or they can stand with the american people. right now, the biggest oil companies are raking in record profits. profits that go up every time folks pull up into a gas station. but on top of these record profits, oil companies are also getting billions a year in taxpayer subsidies. a subsidy that they have enjoyed year after year for the last century. think about that. it's like hitting the american people twice. you're already paying a proce